Oyster aperitif at sea

Taste Leucate oysters at sea and enjoy an aperitif aboard our launch! A convivial moment to share.


Oyster tasting walk for an aperitif

Come aboard L’azur at the end of the day, when the light is magical, for an unforgettable sea trip. On the programme: tasting of 6 delicious “La Cap Leucate” oysters, with a nutty flavour for connoisseurs.
For others: a plate of local charcuterie. White wine included.

Leucate, a paradise for oyster lovers

Nestled between sea and pond, Leucate is a true haven for those looking to escape and savor the delights of the sea. This region, renowned for its seafood and picturesque landscapes, offers a unique experience combining gastronomic delights and natural beauty. Imagine gliding along the water, with a breathtaking view of the wild coastline, while enjoying fresh oysters, true jewels of the sea. Leucate isn’t just a destination; it’s an invitation to enjoy an experience that awakens all the senses.

Departures :

  • 6.45 p.m. every Friday
  • From Port Leucate quai Eric Tabarly.

Duration: 1h30



Rates :

  • Adults: €25
  • Children aged 5 to 12: €13
  • Free for children under 5.

Leucate and its oysters, a treasure of the sea

Leucate is particularly famous for its oysters, bred in ideal conditions that only the region’s unique ecosystem can offer. Between the Etang de Leucate and the Mediterranean, oysters grow in waters rich in phytoplankton, benefiting from the right combination of salinity and nutrients. This privileged geographical location not only contributes to the production of top-quality oysters, but also enhances the uniqueness of their taste.

La Renommée des Huîtres de Leucate.

Leucate oysters are renowned for their superior quality and distinctive taste, which ranges from slightly iodized to a surprising sweetness reminiscent of hazelnut. They regularly feature on the menus of the region’s top seafood restaurants and are a must for connoisseurs. This reputation is the result of a long tradition of ostreiculture, rooted in Leucate’s heritage and handed down from generation to generation.

The unique experience of boat trips in Leucate

Discover the maritime itineraries: In Leucate, boat trips are much more than a simple voyage on the water; they represent a real immersion in an enchanting maritime world. Sailing along the port of Leucate and exploring the vast expanses of the Leucate coast allows visitors to discover spectacular seascapes, mythical sites such as the Rocher de la Sorcière and active oyster-farming areas where renowned oysters are bred. These itineraries are carefully planned to provide a breathtaking view of traditional and modern oyster-growing methods, enriching passengers’ cultural and gastronomic experience.

An educational tour: Each tour is an opportunity to learn about the region’s unique ecosystem and the oyster farming techniques for which Leucate is famous. Guides share their knowledge of oyster production, helping visitors understand the importance of preserving the traditions and natural environment that support this local economy. This educational journey adds an extra dimension to the experience, making each tasting more meaningful.

L'Art de la dégustation en pleine mer: Imagine tasting oysters freshly extracted from the clear waters of Leucate, while floating peacefully on the Mediterranean. This is the experience offered by these boat trips, where every oyster tasting becomes a special moment. Leucate oysters, renowned for their freshness and quality, are accompanied by local white wine, chosen specifically to complement the marine flavors. This combination creates a perfect harmony between the taste of the oysters and the aroma of the wine, offering an exquisite culinary experience.

A romantic and convivial setting: these aperitifs on the water are not only delicious; they are also moments of sharing and conviviality. Whether it's a romantic sunset or a group outing, the atmosphere on board is always warm and welcoming, making every trip memorable. The beauty of the landscape, combined with the pleasure of tasting, makes these moments spent on the water a true celebration of life and nature.

A tradition rooted in local culture: Oyster farming in Leucate is not just an economic activity; it's an integral part of the region's identity. For generations, the oyster farmers of Leucate have been perpetuating traditional methods that have been adapted to modern requirements without losing the essence of their know-how. This tradition enriches the region's cultural heritage and attracts seafood lovers from all over France and beyond, contributing to sustainable, environmentally-friendly tourism.

Leucate, a dynamic economic hub: The oyster industry is an economic engine for Leucate, creating jobs and supporting the local economy. Oyster harbors and shacks are not only places of production, but also tourist attractions where visitors can discover and buy local products directly.

Incomparable taste: Leucate oysters are famous for their unique taste, often described as sweeter and more refined than other varieties. This particular taste is due to the special alchemy of the waters of the Etang de Leucate and the Mediterranean, which gives the oysters a flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts. This exceptional quality makes Leucate oysters a preferred choice for connoisseurs and gourmets alike.

Testimonials and recognition: Leucate oysters are not lacking in recognition, both from food critics and satisfied customers. Visitor testimonials, noting the excellence of the oyster tasting on the boat trips, are helping to forge Leucate's reputation as a must-see destination for lovers of good food. The combination of the quality of the oysters, the expertise of the producers and the unique experience offered by the boat tours creates a distinct value proposition for all those seeking an authentic culinary experience.

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